We are here to listen to the customer and to meet all your needs. Our panels are made according to the client’s wishes and needs. The panels are delivered fully completed with built-in windows and stretched electricity network.

You save your time, money and energy with us. Houses in the informal building, which includes the extenal walls, exterior windows and the front door, are delivered after 4 weeks of production and 7 days of installation.

Our houses are isolated with pressed wooden fibers which proved to be the best eco-material. The fibers are used as an insulator which protects the house from: heating up in summer, heat loss in winter, noise and moisture.

* for single-storey house up to 100 m2



A thick solid wall 36cm thick  is composed of ecological wooden fiber panel, thermal insulation of natural mineral wool and other energy efficient elements, acting together as an excellent protective covering around your home. Moreover, its U coefficients   of 0.12 W/ m2 K meets the legal regulation in the field of passive houses.

* U coefficient is the ratio in the amount of heat that is lost in the building element in 1 second per m2.

EXTERNAL WALLS WOOD STEEL : a concept inspired by nature

The concept of low-energy houses is enabled with Wall Steel walls which have  higher energy coefficients  and allow you to have the so called ’passive house’. Coefficients of our insulation of walls for both types are higher than those provided by Bbiomax RT2012*: Wood Steel: U = 0.15 W /m2K, for Wood Steel PLUS: U = 0.12 W / m2K.

Sound insulation is also made according to the highest standards:˃49 db for Wood Steel.

Our interior walls are made of identical materials as the outer Wood Steel walls, their thickness is 15cm and are delivered with factory-drawn-out tubes for the electrical network created by your project.


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Our team of engineers and structural engineers is here to help you create your projects.