Definition and use of this term denote the piles of small section and low to moderate carrying capacity. This technique changes the classical concrete foundations. The basic idea is to incorporate these piles with small lacquer tools easy to handle, and they are used everywhere where traditional technique does not fit; supporting works, strengthening, armored, towing works, flexing due to the embankment, with the negative friction resistance.


  • A common diameter between 100 and 200 mm
  • Drilling all types of land or materials (rocks or wall), tube or not, in the clear water or mud, according to the needs
  • Traction or compression forces usually means between 50 and 300 Kn, mobilized with the help  of metal tubes, beams, rails , more bars. The most commonly used are steel demonetised piles, with a reduction in the purchase costs
  • Armour protected with joint mass, mortar, microconcrete, that is entered using gravity or by injection


PILES I.M ( I – injection, M – metal)

Sealing is done by injection, equivalent to pile capacity that reaches up to 2000Kn.