About us

Company WOOD STEEL Constructor – is one of leading manufacturers of prefabricated and panel wooden homes and structures in Europe. Our main activity is design and an automatized industry approach to the construction of houses.

The foundation of our concept is an innovative approach and advanced German technologies allowing the construction of houses complying with the highest standards and requirements.

The company has developed numerous projects so far, among which there are villas, hotels, offices, bridges, low-rise residential buildings with several flats, as well as the restoration of historic buildings.


Why exactly do our customers choose us


Our houses meet the highest quality standards, which is achieved by means of industrial manufacture on high precision equipment, factory quality control and the selection of the best materials from manufacturers-leaders in their industry.

Energy Efficiency

High-quality materials and technological solutions we use provide excellent thermal and technical features. Complementary use of alternative energy sources allows obtaining of partial or complete energy independence.


We are not conventional builders, but we manufacture ready-for-mounting structures and houses in our factory. Such concept allows us to follow and implement the latest construction technologies and materials in our production.


Owing to the use of environmentally friendly materials only as well as high technology solutions, we preserve pleasant and healthy micro-climate during the whole year in our premises.


Owing to automatized manufacturing process in our factory, we have managed not only to meet high quality standards but to keep tight deadlines for production and mounting of buildings, as well.


A unique approach to all types of construction, ability to solve all architectural tasks and construction of low-rise buildings of any complexity.